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I speak fluently: Russian, Slovak, English, German, I also speak Czech, Chinese and French fairly well. You may contact me in any of these languages. I have some basics in Japanese+Spanish --- Help others and your life will be more cheerful and pleasant.

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Posted by Kenzu - July 17th, 2011

Greetings from China!

I am currently in Shanghai a modern city with a population of over 25.000.000 people. And I have great news for you!

As you all might know Newgrounds was blocked for a couple years in China. I made efforts to have Newgrounds unblocked in China, by writing to the department responsible for internet control (internet censorship). It was probably only a drop in the bucket, and definitely not pivotal in their decision to unban it. However it happened and now I proudly announce:

Newgrounds is no longer blocked in China!

However youtube and facebook which were not banned in 2008, are banned now.
Then again Wikipedia, which was banned before has also been unbanned, and google can be used without problems too (but your search engine will stop working immediately if you look for certain words or phrases, which I rather not mention right now.)

And below a photo of me and my wonderful wife.

Newgrounds UNBLOCKED in China


Posted by Kenzu - June 30th, 2011

Currently waiting at an airport. Will fly to China soon.
China is so awesome that I am going to stay long.

You don't know China until you experience it yourself.
That's especially true if you don't stay only for a while, but live there for a longer time.

Where are you going to spend your summer vacation? Are you also going abroad? Or at least visit some other city?

Flying to China again!

Posted by Kenzu - March 1st, 2011

The most important of all chinese holidays is the Chinese new year, which is celebrated according to the lunar calendar. Each year is symbolised by one of 12 animals. On 3 February 2011 the new year has started, the year of the rabbit!

In this video a bunny girl is sending best wishes.
Watch it here:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDQMKch _LMg

Sexy asian bunny girl video for the chinese new year!!!

Posted by Kenzu - February 14th, 2011


Yes, even in the nastiest dictatorship there is love between people. This flash shows a couple fall in love, in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, with a Korean love song in the background.

It's like nothing you have ever seen before!

Watch it!

Korean Love Story

Valentine's day in NORTH KOREA wtf?

Posted by Kenzu - January 27th, 2011

Here my Chinese New Year flash, which I drew back in 2008 to celebrate the New Year in China.
Chinese New Year Flash Movie

Chinese New Year is comming. On the 3rd of February 2011, the Year of Rabbit will start. Me and my wife are already preparing for the new year and are in a festive mood, listening to New Years music and celebrating. On the New Years eve we will celebrate with Chinese friends in a restaurant.

I'm already in a very joyful mood even though the new year is still a couple days away. These days I miss China very much. I still remember when I came to China back in February 2008, I came extra early to experience the new year with my own eyes. The Fireworks are so cheap you won't believe your eyes, and the Chinese people are firing so much fireworks, it puts most countries fireworks to shame. When I went home, long after midnight, the firework was still intense, and I still remember a huge firework battery with tubes for 100 rockets lying around. I was 1 metre long in each direction.

I got some questions for you!
Did you know that the Chinese New Year is comming?
Did you ever celebrate?
How did you celebrate?

What are you planning this time?
How about your Chinese friends? Are you celebrating with them?

Looking forward to your comments!

I invite you to see my flash:
Chinese New Year

Chinese new Year is comming! Watch the New Year Flash!

Posted by Kenzu - November 8th, 2010

Aderan Wars - Red Apocalypse
Game started on 7th November 2010

Register now, and be among the first to play!
(The game doesn't take much time to play. Log in once a day and you are fine.)

This is a great Online Strategy Game!

Choose one of 8 races (Daning Republic, Mirayan Union, Kyora Clan, Orda Movement, Irium Tribes, Tarik Federation, Hualu Empire or Salin Kingdom) and build your own empire.

There are many things to do. Import and Export 24 special resources, build 30 buildings, research countless technologies, build weapons, explosives, collect medals and much more! You will have attackers, defenders, spies and special forces at your command, fulfilling any orders you give them!

Cooperate with friends and allies, and go to war with anyone, who opposes you. Join an alliance or found your own alliance and become a leader of your own.

Grow in power and prestige as you aim to become the strongest of all. Make public statements and secret deals to achieve your goals. Shape the ingame politics and bring peace to Aderan Galaxy, or cause a war of total annihilation, just because you can.

You influence Aderan Galaxy!


Red Apocalypse - Game started TODAY! Join now!

Posted by Kenzu - August 27th, 2010


This is a huge long post, but in this post I explain my years of experience with browser games. I am interested in your experience as well! Please write comments with your experience of browser games. What did you like and what did you hate about the games you played?


Most browser games suck, because the developers always make the same mistakes over and over again. While most games have been made to make money, Aderan Wars is different. The main reason why Aderan Wars has been made, was that we played through tons of browser games and haven't found a single game which was great. I have to admit that some games were decent, however in all of them I encountered similar problems.


-Game restarts and you lose everything you have built up.
-If the game never restarts, it's impossible to catch up with people who started much earlier than you
-Rich people buy themselves to top with cash and you have no chance of getting close to them if you don't pay cash as well
-You have to play 24/7 to keep up with the other players who have no RL, because most games don't put limits on how fast you can grow if you invest your time. Example: You can buy unlimited amount of attack turns, which you use to steal money from other players and buy even more attack turns with them. While you might argue that these people deserve to be in the top ranks for spending so much time on it, I don't want to play a game that forces me to waste hours each day only to be among the best.
-Admins care only about the money, which harms the game, especially if they allow people to spend too much money. (The more benefits per 1$ you give, the more people donate). You can easily find the point where you maximise profits, HOWEVER this will upset most players, and some of them will leave the game (But you care only about money, right?)
-Bugs don't get fixed fast enough and are exploited, which upsets more players
-Anti-Cheat system is undeveloped and cheaters are not detected,
-Cheaters who are exposed are not punished properly by the administrator because they are paying customers, or because he doesn't want to lose players.
-Most games currencies have a horrible hyperinflation. Most real world currencies have an inflation of roughly 3%. Most browser games have an inflation of 10.000%-1.000.000%. Average daily incomes grow from 1.000.000 to currency units within a year.
-The nations/races/fractions are usually unbalanced. Example: 25% income bonus or 25% defense bonus. Which one is better? Everyone who played at least one browser game before will realise that you will have much more income units than any other type of unit and that's why +25% income is at much better than any other bonus offered.
-Most games lack a proper trading system.
-Game is too simple and gets boring fast
-Game is too complicated and takes too much time to learn.
-One superalliance dominates the whole game and is 10 times stronger than anyone else.


For those who don't know what Aderan Wars is, let me tell you. Aderan Wars is an online multiplayer strategy game. It is a Browser Game, which means you can play it online without installing anything and without downloading anything either. This online game, is unlike others and if you are an experienced player, you will know immediately why. Ask our players and many will tell you that Aderan Wars is the best game they have ever played!

By the way, did you know that games like Aderan Wars are also called MMORPG, or MMOG, which stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game?

Here are a couple pictures and flash movie you might want to see:
Flash Movie - Aderan Wars Battle
Aderan Wars
Aderan Wars New Races


Here is why:
-The goal of Aderan Wars is not to make money, but to make the best browser strategy game of all times!
-The game never restarts, but there is also a 2nd server, which restarts every 3 months
-5-15 minutes per day is enough time to play (as long as you are not an alliance member)
-The non-restarting server is over 1.5 years old, and even if you join now, you are still capable of catching up. Some players who joined very late, reached top ranks.
-Aderan Wars alows only a limited amount of donations per player to prevent players from buying themselves to the top.
-Even people who don't donate are among the top.

-The Supply System prevents regular players to get a disadvantage over hard-core players who would want to sit on the game for 24/7 to be much better than others. The strategy you use determines your success the most, the time you spend is much less important.
-The Administrative Efficiency system fights inflation effectively. Inflation is under control in Aderan Wars, and won't be a problem even in 5 years time!
-Aderan Wars has a strong community, and most players are extremely friendly and helpful
-Administrators are always there for you, and the game is constantly improved, often based on suggestions made by the community.
-Aderan Wars has an extremely efficient Anti-Cheat system. Cheaters and those who try to gain an unfair advantage are easily found and punished severly, which deters further crime, and helps to keep the game fair for everyone.
-Aderan Wars has many well established advertising campaigns which draw players to the game from all around the world!
-When you play Aderan Wars, you play a real international game, where players come from countless different countries with different cultures language and customs. Of course everyone can speak English as well.

-Aderan Wars is a well balanced game
-Strategy in Aderan Wars is well thought out with 4 basic types of military units and many types of missions.
-The Tutorial teaches the most important basics in the game. Wiki and fellow players answer all further questions.
-Trading on Aderan Wars is a lot of fun, because there is a galactic market, which works in a similar way like the real world stock market. You can make considerable profit as a trader.
-The game has always new players joining
-The ingame politics is very interesting and as time passes new alliances rise and fall, which brings interesting challenge in this world that evolves.
-Battles are not only won on the battlefield, but often with words in diplomatic relations, or with covert means by employing spies who work in enemy alliances to sabotage them, or influence alliance decisions.

I'd like everyone to register right now and play Aderan Wars for one week. Then come back, and please write your opinion about the game. What did you like, and what didn't you like. I am curious to read your reviews.

You can register here:

Aderan Wars - Online Strategy Game


Why most browser games suck, and why Aderan Wars is different

Posted by Kenzu - April 9th, 2010

There is an awesome video my wife showed me yesterday.
It is a promotional video for the Communist Party of Russia, the 2nd strongest party in Russia.
I think it's very moving!

/* */
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4ZZO5s LYe8

English Translation:

Some people compete in wealth and splendour
But the Majority knows how to value a good life

Some people live for today
But the majority needs certainty and a safe future

Some people consider the wealth of a nation to be their own.
But majority want to be one's own master.

Reviving lost values!

What do you think about the video? (Apart from hating communism)

Communist Party - Reviving Lost Values

Posted by Kenzu - March 11th, 2010


Aderan Wars has a new artist, who is reworking the characters of Aderan Wars.
That's Daning, Miraya, Hualu and Kyora.

If you don't know Aderan Wars, you should know that it's an online multiplayer strategy game.
If you don't play yet, register now (takes only 2 minutes) and start playing!

The game takes only couple of minutes to play each day and is a lot of fun, especially if you play together with your friends, or if you make more friends through alliances or trade.

Join Now!

PS: If you invite friends you will get a Trading Ability lasting 100 days for each friend you invite who reaches 5.000 unit production (that's the population growth of the planet he/she controls per day)

How do you like the pic?


Aderan Wars has a new artist for characters! Check it out!

Posted by Kenzu - January 20th, 2010


Aderan Wars celebrated its one year anniversary on 01.01.2010. Afterall it has been officially released one year ago.

The development improved the game and the voice of players influenced the updates as well. Most players will agree that the game admin is one of the best they have ever had and it's no secret that Aderan Wars has many innovative ideas implemented into the game, which make it fair, balanced and highy interesting, especially if you consider all the possibilities that the game opens.

It takes only 2 minutes to register, takes as little as 5-10 minutes to play per day and brings a lot of fun.

If you become part of an alliance, you will gain insight of how real life politics work, since game politics do not differ much from real life politics. Alliances making treaties, trading, cooperating, gaining information through spies, negotiate and if all fails, go to war.

If you played browser games before, you might have notice the problems other games have and you will love Aderan Wars!

If you haven't played any browser games before, have a try, it's easy to learn!
PS: You can learn to play here:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzJ5oLi qzSY&feature=PlayList&p=A8E46998755C3D 1E&index=1


Aderan Wars - Online Strategy Game