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Flying to China again!

Posted by Kenzu - June 30th, 2011

Currently waiting at an airport. Will fly to China soon.
China is so awesome that I am going to stay long.

You don't know China until you experience it yourself.
That's especially true if you don't stay only for a while, but live there for a longer time.

Where are you going to spend your summer vacation? Are you also going abroad? Or at least visit some other city?

Flying to China again!

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HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I miss, China. Ni nun dzao de hua ... ni yi ding yao che (chir? ... my ping ying sucks) "gou bu gan che" jiao dze.

'course they're only in Beijing :(

I'd love to go to China but I'd be distracted by all the pretty neon lights and probably get run over by a car.

Meh... I don't believe China is that good. I mean, you get a lot of restrictions. You can't use YouTube, or Facebook, or Twitter, or Wikipedia, and I think that not even Google is available... how can someone live without those pages? It got to be pretty hard, specially on this days. And also there are serious restrictions on Freedom of Speech and Tought, and that's even worse. Of course there are good things, like culture, places... but the weird Laws they have make you feel kinda sad, because you can't do much. If one day I win a ticket to China, I would give it to another guy who really wants it or needs it. That's my opinion. Anyways, have good luck!

Yeah, the internet restrictions suck.
HOWEVER, I can see that they are being less restrictive.

Wikipedia has for example been unblocked as well. I visited it just yesterday.
Google always worked.

Youtube, Facebook and Twitter however doesn't work, but back in 2008, Youtube and Facebook did work and Wikipedia+Newgrounds didn't

besides most people in China dont use google anyway. Baidu is the most favourite search engine here. They got however a nice sites such as Taobao, which something like Ebay, but much bigger, much cheaper much more awesome (everything can be bough cheap, anything you can think of, and even the postage is nothing, like 1$ delivery lol)

another awesome site is pptv, which is basically a site with thousands if not millions of movies, including hollywood movies. You can watch movies which come out in USA in cinemas here in China on the pptv for free.

btw, if you are a foreigner, you can do pretty much anything you want. If you criticise the government I don't think you get in trouble. If you however post it somewhere on internet, then your post might get removed though, and if the owner doesnt remove it, then he risks getting his page banned in china.

You can speak alot of languages 0_0
I wish I could...

It's never late. You can start anytime. All you need is to really want it.

EddyFromEEnE should be here any time now.

I'm going to Helsingborg tomorrow. Not going to be spectacular but I might take a ferry to Denmark from there.

dont mess with the mafia!

Never seen any gangsters. This isn't Tokyo.



you know chinese isn't a language, right?

Well this is interesting. I was voting for Aderan Wars and the voting page has also a link to Newgrounds, which increases the rank for Aderan Wars here: <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/network/">http://www.newgrounds.com/network/</a>

And now the awesome thing!

It worked and I am in China.

I officially announce that Newgrounds has been unbanned in China.

(And no, I did not use any proxy. Newgrounds should be accessible anywhere in China now. I'll try to access it from a random internet cafe to be 100% sure.)