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Aderan Wars has a new artist for characters! Check it out!

Posted by Kenzu - March 11th, 2010


Aderan Wars has a new artist, who is reworking the characters of Aderan Wars.
That's Daning, Miraya, Hualu and Kyora.

If you don't know Aderan Wars, you should know that it's an online multiplayer strategy game.
If you don't play yet, register now (takes only 2 minutes) and start playing!

The game takes only couple of minutes to play each day and is a lot of fun, especially if you play together with your friends, or if you make more friends through alliances or trade.

Join Now!

PS: If you invite friends you will get a Trading Ability lasting 100 days for each friend you invite who reaches 5.000 unit production (that's the population growth of the planet he/she controls per day)

How do you like the pic?


Aderan Wars has a new artist for characters! Check it out!

Comments (13)

that guns butt isnt right..the whole gun is offXD if u spend that much detail on a character..atleast spend more detail on the gun too ^^

What's wrong with the guns "butt"?

I think the head might be a bit small. Other then that it looks fairly good. If thats supposed to be an AK47, best rework it. I think the barrel is the main problem.

Well, it is an Aderan Wars Machine Gun

If you would see the whole weapon, you would see that it actually has 4 barrels attached to each other.

The gun has a pretty horrible stock or "butt", from both a drawing and design perspective. A gun with 4 barrels will require some type of cooling, either the traditional air-cooled or a Gatling setup. It would also need about 4 times the ammunition per magazine (the average AK-47 has between 20 to 30 rounds, 40 with a banana, and more with drum or belt fed configurations). I suggest looking at an AK-47 or similar weapons. Also, he is gripping the gun very oddly. Normally you grip the bottom of the wood, not the top, even if he is standing at attention/parade.

%u0417%u0430 %u0420%u043E%u0434%u0438%u043D%u0443!

Ok So Newgrounds doesn't like Russian letters...fuck it.

Za Rodinu!

Za Rodinu!

hey guys mind if you look at this i know it take s much of your time but if you can view it..<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/deadlymace/world-s-end">http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/de adlymace/world-s-end</a>

And Russians rocks ( ithink)


kenzu is back from china! welcome back kenzu!

he he

You keep telling me that every month!

Also its an Assualt Rifle, not a machine gun.

The name of the weapon is Aderan Machine Gun.

Besides, you cannot know what kind of weapon it is, if its a sci fi weapon and you didnt see all of it, or you didnt see it in action.

Besides, Kalashnikov has also designed Machine Guns:

Fairly good. But to answer what is wrong with the guns butt... It is too bulky, it resebles too much a rectangular prism, it need to be slimer with a slight curve or angle (depending on the era or style), if not those than more rounded. The idea of the butt's design is to be able support the gun resting on it, but also to be able to fit in the &quot;pocket&quot; between the shoulder and chest and clavical. Also is that a shirt or a jacket. If jacket, it needs to overlap the pants. But as a shirt, the waist line is low. And possibly pull the pockets out more to the side (butthey are fine where they are). If this is for animaton then ignore this, belt loops. will say this, nice detail on the gun. missing some minor details, but as I said, ignore those if for animation- tiny details aren't worth the burden. But those minor parts are ones that are for every style gun (for removing jams). But this does look very much like an AK-47. Also for this to be a four barrel machine gun, less it fires slowly, needs either a barrel clip or a belt feed (belt feed would require a lot of reqork). And needs more ejection ports.

mickster is right, if you play alot of warfare games, or atleast have some experience in the military, you would know that the gun's butt is totally off, it is supposed to be curved arround the bottom, to provide an arch for the soldier, when he is shooting while crouching, and also allows for better aim

Im currious, do you do that freely for a friend or is money involved in all that advertisement? Seriously, you barely post anything other than this.

Freely, but I plan to submit new flash in summer again.

Maybe a love story, maybe something political.

why IS his head so small?
WHY is his head SO small?

Honestly it looks like a zombified Galil