Aderan Wars - Online Strategy Game

2010-01-20 18:57:26 by Kenzu

Aderan Wars celebrated its one year anniversary on 01.01.2010. Afterall it has been officially released one year ago.

The development improved the game and the voice of players influenced the updates as well. Most players will agree that the game admin is one of the best they have ever had and it's no secret that Aderan Wars has many innovative ideas implemented into the game, which make it fair, balanced and highy interesting, especially if you consider all the possibilities that the game opens.

It takes only 2 minutes to register, takes as little as 5-10 minutes to play per day and brings a lot of fun.

If you become part of an alliance, you will gain insight of how real life politics work, since game politics do not differ much from real life politics. Alliances making treaties, trading, cooperating, gaining information through spies, negotiate and if all fails, go to war.

If you played browser games before, you might have notice the problems other games have and you will love Aderan Wars!

If you haven't played any browser games before, have a try, it's easy to learn!
PS: You can learn to play here: qzSY&feature=PlayList&p=A8E46998755C3D 1E&index=1

Aderan Wars - Online Strategy Game


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2010-01-20 21:18:26 y#p/a/u/0/pUpnrZT7J8U



2010-01-20 22:51:12

haha man, thats suck a great vid, im almost in tears.

you two are like Dan and Sakura reincarnate.

Kenzu responds:



2010-01-21 03:31:14

I 'HATE' Online RPG or Strategy games,but this one looks interesting.
WARNING:I 'HATE' --ONLINE-- RPGs n' Strategy games.Those that are available on home consoles are the ones I 'LOVE'.For example I own 'FIRE EMBLEM:Radiant Dawn'',
''BLUE DRAGON'',FINAL FANTASY VII-FINAL FANTASY XII(and other spin-offs)and I can't wait for''FINAL FANTASY XIII'' ! HERE: anese-feel-final-fantasy/59457

Kenzu responds:

nice game, but I don't think it's a strategy game. isn't that just a fighting game?


2010-01-21 10:29:48

strategy game eh
i'd say dofus is the game to play then

it's like final fantasy tactics

Kenzu responds:

That's not a browser game.

Browser games don't require any download.