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Newgrounds UNBLOCKED in China

2011-07-17 09:57:17 by Kenzu

Greetings from China!

I am currently in Shanghai a modern city with a population of over 25.000.000 people. And I have great news for you!

As you all might know Newgrounds was blocked for a couple years in China. I made efforts to have Newgrounds unblocked in China, by writing to the department responsible for internet control (internet censorship). It was probably only a drop in the bucket, and definitely not pivotal in their decision to unban it. However it happened and now I proudly announce:

Newgrounds is no longer blocked in China!

However youtube and facebook which were not banned in 2008, are banned now.
Then again Wikipedia, which was banned before has also been unbanned, and google can be used without problems too (but your search engine will stop working immediately if you look for certain words or phrases, which I rather not mention right now.)

And below a photo of me and my wonderful wife.

Newgrounds UNBLOCKED in China


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2011-07-17 09:58:55

I welcome your comments and will respond to any questions as soon as possible.

Leave a comment you want to share with the world, or ask if you are interested to know something about China.


2011-07-17 10:06:22

i remember you and your rigid enthusiasm for this site.
i'll admit it's slightly disconcerting actually.

Kenzu responds:

In what ways?


2011-07-17 10:07:36

That's a nice picture, lots of pottery in the background. Your wife looks pretty, you tapin' that?

Kenzu responds:

Have I mentioned she's my wife? ;)


2011-07-17 10:14:08

you helped get newgrounds unblocked in china, have a HOT wife, and are one of the few people who speak more languages then me.

you are awesome.

did i mention your wife looks hot?

Kenzu responds:

Thanks for the compliments, and she is hot indeed!


2011-07-17 10:23:49

That picture is way too fucking saccharine for my tastes, I don't think I'd have it in me to dress up in something like that ever...

Kenzu responds:

Maybe one day you will.


2011-07-17 10:41:42

Because Newgrounds' tongue isn't as sharp as it used to be.

Kenzu responds:

Maybe that, or because they realised that Newgrounds isn't what they believed it is.


2011-07-17 10:56:26


Kenzu responds:



2011-07-17 10:59:32


That is not how you hold a book.

Kenzu responds:

That's how people held Chinese books at that time.
As you can see the clothing style is one from the past. No one wears such clothes nowadays. The whole room as well as the way I hold the book resembles the same era in Chinese history.


2011-07-17 11:18:07

YouTube is still blocked in China? Odd. I seem to remember seeing quite a few Chinese videos on the "Most Viewed Today" list a while back. Maybe I was mistaken.

Kenzu responds:

Maybe they have been watched in Hong Kong. I believe youtube is not blocked there, and it also counts as China.


2011-07-17 11:22:32

I think it was only a matter of time. A number of sites for creative submissions have slowly been unblocked in China during the last few years. I think they wanted to sift through and evaluate the biggest ones like DeviantArt first.

Still, good news. Looking forward to seeing the results of an unblocked Newgrounds in China thanks to your help.

Kenzu responds:

Deviant Art is also not blocked. But was it ever blocked?


2011-07-17 11:38:20

Good job mate. Keep up it up.

Kenzu responds:



2011-07-17 11:59:58

Still holding out that ponytails will come back in style? You gotta admire that kind of persistence.

Kenzu responds:

tbh I don't care if it becomes fashionable or not. But I see guys with long hair quite often. I don't think it's that special anyway. At least 1% guys has it.


2011-07-17 12:04:15

You, sir, have BALLS!

Kenzu responds:

you mean cohones?


2011-07-17 12:40:11

woah..nice work

Kenzu responds:



2011-07-17 12:53:31

All Governments keep secrets from it's people, But China takes the cake! :D

Kenzu responds:

Please explain!


2011-07-17 14:24:30

Your wife is hot. ;)

Kenzu responds:



2011-07-17 14:33:03

You look like you belong in nobleman's clothing from the Renaissance. But seriously, that is an excellent picture. Good luck in all your endeavors.

Kenzu responds:

You guessed it pretty close, except that there was no Renaissance in China (as far as I know, maybe their renaissance was at some other time, and they surely called it differently).


2011-07-17 14:40:44

I love it how 70% of all the comments on here are about your HOT, SPANKING GOOD WIFE.

Good job though!

Kenzu responds:

Wait until you see the other pictures. We got hundreds of them and I will show some of them, one by one, when writing frontpage posts.


2011-07-17 14:54:25

yah two look so cute together. :3

Kenzu responds:



2011-07-17 14:54:42

Interesting. Now we can look forward to the Kitty Krew or some other organization releasing a string of E-Rated cartoons and games that are, consequently, pornographic slide shows or other offensive spam, just so China can re-ban our ugly phuggin' faces again.

Still, thanks for your trouble in the matter. May you have many long years with your sweetheart.

Kenzu responds:


Somehow I think they will not ban Newgrounds again. But then again, one can never be sure. If there is one thing that's predictable, it is that they are unpredictable.


2011-07-17 16:06:37

You unblocked Newgrounds in China? You should be a Newgrounds saint! Hope you and your wife have many happy years together!

Kenzu responds:

I did not unblock it. I merely contributed to unblocking it. It was the work of many people that lead to it. And most importantly it depended on the department itself. If they would not want to agree with it, it would have remained blocked.

It's a constant battle over what is blocked and what is not.


2011-07-17 16:12:15

you look like a great couple

Kenzu responds:

Thank you!


2011-07-17 16:23:17

Time for Instant 20 Million new Newgrounds accounts :D


2011-07-17 18:50:08

my soup. theyres a confusing ethnic mess in my suop


2011-07-17 19:09:08

i wasn't like my peers -- they thought i was weird because i spoke chinese.... i was crushed......... they went to movie theatres while all that i watched was anime and foreign kung fu movies. i felt so different that i simply had to change my name(kenzu-san-chan) and move to asia. there i met my Beautiful WIFe lin-lin on chineseladies.net it wasn't Long before we got married and i paid for her schooling and expenses TRAGEDY struct when i found out she was talking to 20+ men via multiple yahoo.cn emails....... it was then i put my horrible life to an end


2011-07-17 20:07:44

Why do you like China so much compared to western countries? Considering it's so full of censorship and (according to my government) communism is bad. Is it just because your wife lives there?

Kenzu responds:

It's because all the good things outweight the censorship and the other bad things.

So let's look at the good things:
-People extremely nice
-It is very safe. Crime is very low (Ignore the theft of wallets and valuables of tourists who are asking for it.)
-There is plenty of awesome food!
-Daily things are extremely cheap (Food, clothes, service)
-You can eat in a restaurant all the time, not eating a single time at home, for the whole year and it will not make a hole in your budget.
Eating in my favourite restaurants costs between 20-50 Yuan (3$ and 8$) per person (It can be a chinese restaurant like hotpot, italian ones like Babela or Saliya, or US franchise like Mc Donald's Burger King or KFC). And if you dont mind eating in a stall that is outside, then it will cost you less than 1$ and you will like it and also get full.
-Transport is cheap
Travel 3 km with a taxi for 2$ and for each additional 1km you pay 0.15$
If you take a subway across the city, no matter if you change lines or not, it will cost you less than 1$
If you take a bus across, no matter how far you travel you will pay 0.3$ for a ride.
Usually you can get anywhere you like for about 1$. And if you take taxy it will usually cost you somewhere between 2$ and 4$.
-There are thousands of restaurants for any taste.
-There are hundreds if not thousands of clubs, bars, shows, and other entertainment to visit, including Karaoke, and massive Arcades.
-The nightlife is lively, shops have long opening hours, including on sundays. And it's no problem to buy something in a convenience store even on sunday midnight after partying all night long.

btw, China has not much in common with communism. If I had to place China somehwere on a scale between socialism and capitalism. I would put it on the far right end together with USA. In fact, it is possible that USA is more socialist than China. If China was a real socialist country, then health care and education were free for example, but they are not. In all other socialist countries that have ever existed, these two things were always free, and in most socialist countries there was 0 unemployment and 0 homeless people. In China things are different and on top of that there is a huge income disparity between rich and poor. All European countries without exception are without doubt more socialist than China. Although I do see progress and Chinese government is trying to improve the living standards for everyone, right now they are very far from reaching what most people would consider a socialist country. But they have the potential and I believe it's possible for them to achieve it one day.


2011-07-17 20:23:23

nice, newgrounds should be everywhere. by the way nice picture *cough hot wife cough*.

Kenzu responds:

Yeah, she looks awesome!


2011-07-17 20:27:02

wait you said you speak "chinese" that is not a language! which launguage do you speak?

Kenzu responds:

Chinese is a language. There is only one official Chinese, all other "Chinese languages" are merely dialects, just like there are many dialects in German or France.

I speak Mandarin, in China it's called "Putonghua"


2011-07-17 21:06:17

hehe, well alright!
welcome to Newgrounds dude, both of you!


2011-07-17 21:23:11

wow not everyone can help unblock something in china!
u must of missed all the kinds of flash newgrounds haves to offer
and to that i congrats you on this epic thing u just helped china to.
im from mexico and the internet is totaly unblocked,
causing problems that they cant see or avoid.

next time i go to china, borement will not be an answer!
ps: i do go there for business.

man i hope u dont get bothered a lot with the "your wife is so" comments xD

Kenzu responds:

nah I won't


2011-07-17 22:32:59

i have a ponytail too

and id sell my soul for those sideburns


2011-07-18 00:57:11

LOL.I am in china to ,in Beijing, Just to let you know,you should hold the book with
one hand

Kenzu responds:


nice to know


2011-07-18 01:25:33

Good news everyone!


2011-07-18 02:03:37

Congrats and ganpai.

Kenzu responds:



2011-07-18 06:10:09

Congratulations on making NG not banned anymore. It proves how even a ordinary person can do something amazing. Also, you loom so happy with your wife.

Kenzu responds:

Again I say, it is not me who is responsible for it. I didnt even get a response to my mail. I merely helped it happen.


2011-07-18 07:05:21

Das ist großartig, ich freue mich wirklich für euch!
Ich hoffe das sich bald die politische Situation in China ändert, viel Glück und Freude euch allen.

Schönes Bild übrigens, ihr seht gemeinsam toll aus. =)

Kenzu responds:

Danke sehr!

Man bekommt nicht oft ein Kommentar in Deutsch.


2011-07-18 07:28:28

China is a beutiful place to be.

Kenzu responds:

It sure is


2011-07-18 10:08:28

-People extremely nice
depends where you are
-It is very safe.
depends where you are
-There is plenty of awesome food!
not all is clean
-Daily things are extremely cheap (Food, clothes, service)
is that suprising?

you think too positively
i wish they would stop censoring utub

Kenzu responds:

It's more than an opinion. Afterall there is a big difference if you merely say what you like more without having to live there, or if based on the decision you actually go to live in that country for a long period of time.

If it was not good enough, then I wouldn't like it.

Like food for example, you say not all is clean. Well you can never be sure, even in the west. The cook might have not washed his hands after a visit to WC. But its impossible for you to check. And even though its less likely to happen in the west, that's not going to stop me from going to restaurants in China.


2011-07-18 20:45:36

I love you. <3 <3


2011-08-01 01:56:23

I just returned after 3 years away, and I am very happy for you. I hope things continue to go well for you, and your wife. P.S. I was wondering when you were married?

Kenzu responds:

Summer 2009


2011-09-25 10:52:11

you have the biggest dick in china!


2011-10-03 01:42:25

thank you! we owe you our lives


2011-10-27 22:56:31

shanghai is one of my favorite cities, i was over there earlier this year, i did notice newgrounds was unblocked. THANKS.

Kenzu responds:

Glad you enjoyed it!


2012-01-04 22:10:30

You do know, communism killed 100,000,000 people, and doesn't work in real life. Dont' you?

Kenzu responds:

Really? I thought it killed 100,000,000,000,000,000 people.


2014-04-04 09:22:47

haha,I am Chinese,my grandfather and my maternal grandfather are communist,but I am not