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I speak fluently: Russian, Slovak, English, German, I also speak Czech, Chinese and French fairly well. You may contact me in any of these languages. I have some basics in Japanese+Spanish --- Help others and your life will be more cheerful and pleasant.

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Posted by Kenzu - January 8th, 2008

Socialist World Republic has been submitted before and now the Spanish version follows:


I tried to make a soviet style propaganda movie. I hope I have created a good stereotypical soviet-style flash!

Take into account that there the story is black and white, well actually it is black and red, but the point is there is only GOOD and BAD. And as we know nothing is black and white. But this is the way it is supposed to be.

Please rate my artistic skill and take into account that it took me 80 hours to draw this 2:30 long movie.

I hope I can make it to the top 5!

Thank you for your support!

EDIT: I would like to thank the admin and all supporters very much for making it Frontpage!

Republica Socialista Mundia

Posted by Kenzu - December 22nd, 2007

If everything goes as planned, the movie will be submitted on the first day of the new year. It will be a movie filled with symbolism and propaganda. I hope you will enjoy it!

The story evolves around two ideologies fighting each other. The ideology of greed and the ideology of equality. The maggot king, desperate to aqcuire even more wealth looks for new opportunities. And these opportunities lie in the east, where the people have still not been enslaved by the greedy empires. Producers (Pigs) are happy about a possible war, because they will be able to gain a lot of profit and the war ministers (Spiders) are happy too, because a war means that they will wield more soldiers and power as well!

Everyone will be better of. So it seems, but no one asked the people. Although they are over 99% of the population, they will gain nothing from a war, only suffering and death. Unwilling to go to war, the government brainwashes them to brain-dead fleas and so they assault the Soviet Lands.

However the people of the USSR are determined to liberate their motherland from the white empires. Because only when the red flag is victorious, only then all people around the world will become free. With their red flags they enlighten the fleas who are able to think freely once again and turn back to humans. As such, they turn their rifles against their rulers and change the society into a democratic socialist one. All countries unite and form the Socialist World Republic. Eternal peace and friendship has come!

How do you like this plot?

Socialist World Republic - Release Date 1.1.2008

Posted by Kenzu - November 18th, 2007

Please watch my movie and write a review!

Der Volkspolizist

Thank you!

Deutsche Demokratische Republik

Posted by Kenzu - November 7th, 2007

Today, the 7th November is the day of the Great Socialist Revolution, which happened in 1917 and resulted in the formation of USSR as well as strengthening of workers worldwide.

As workers became aware of the power they wield, when united, they were able to achieve more freedom and more rights.

October revolution proved that ordinary people can make a change, and the idea of socialism had such a strong power among workers that they were able to shape the governments and shift them left. Governments, which resisted becomming social-democracies were overthrown and replaced by socialist governments (some were democratic, while the majority were dictatorships).


Freedom isn't free!
We have to fight for it!

And for those who can't wait for EU to place "aim to build socialism" in its constitution and vote for it in a new referendum:

Socialist European Union

Happy October Revolution Day!

Posted by Kenzu - October 30th, 2007

Hello! I'd like to feature a very good flash of mine. Although it is Russian, it has English subtitles and I am sure you will like it, because it evokes feelings in most people.

The first time I heard this song I cried. Not from sorrow, but out of hapiness, because it is very cute. I decided to share this wonderful song with all of you and so I made a flash. Please watch and review it! I will be gratefull to all of you!

Moon and Stars - Luna i Zvezdy

How do you like it?

I wish you sweet dreams!

Hapiness to everyone! => Flash Movie

Posted by Kenzu - October 16th, 2007

Ever heard communism is a utopia? A utopia is a paradise. No matter what something that is a paradise or utopia cannot be bad, otherwise it wouldnt be called that.

I'm not sure what flash to draw and submit next. Here are a few choices:

An army of firefighters spreads across the globe to extinguish the flames of war set on fire by greedy profit seekers. While they extinguish fires and parade through streets they explain that they have been given the order to unite people in friendship to prevent new fires from spreading.

Accompanied by the following song: "My za mir"

A partially abstract flash about a world war, which isnt a war of countries, but a war of workers against their exploiters. (The king is a huge maggot with a crown, the war minister is a spider armed with a pistol and a sabre, coal and steel producers are fat pigs in suits, biological warfare producers are scorpions. The invaders are white braindead fleas who, after seeing the brightness of defending people's hearts become human once again and turn their rifles against their true enemies, their oppresors. From the ruins of the old world a new society emerges, the Socialist World Republic!

Accompanied by the following song: "Der heimliche Aufmarsch" by Ernst Busch

The third episode of Varp, where he travels to Cuba as an architect to help building a hospital in Havanna.

Accompanied by the following song: "Kuba lyubov' moya"
http://download.sovmusic.ru/m32/cuba.m p3

Using the song from a Czechoslovak series for children I will make a flash, where two cats travel in space to make new friends.

Like "Korean Love Story", but in China with Chinese music (using animation style from "Chinese New Year 2008"). A red army soldier falls in love with a local girl who looks after sheeps, and sings how he wishes to become a sheep as well so that he can be together with her. Very romantic.

Accompanied by the following song: "Zai na yaoyuan de difang" by Wang Luobin


Which one would you like to be submitted first?

Communism is GOOD!!!

Posted by Kenzu - September 20th, 2007

As many of you might know Newgrounds cannot be accessed from China.

Newgrounds has probably been blocked because it features flash with excessive violence, porn and other content deemed unsuitable for Chinese public.

My idea is that China could unblock Newgrounds while filtering unwanted flash. Afterall here are a lot of movies which promote good messages. Newgrounds isnt only about porn and violence.

This ministry deals with a variety of issues including filtering of words and blocking of internet sites with unsuitable content.

Here is their homepage:

Although I have found a page where you can report internet sites which should be blocked, I havent found a place where you could report what should be unblocked. However I have found an e-mail address where you can send your emails to. The person is in charge report-section. I think it is possible for him/her to unblock newgrounds if we can prove that here is valuable flash as well!

TO: webmaster@mail.miibeian.gov.cn

SUBJECT: Please unblock newgrounds

Dear Madam or Sir,

(Here you write your request. Please be polite)

Yours faithfully,
(Here you write your name)


PS: I think if more people request unblocking it will be more effective than if only I ask. I have sent my e-mail 3 days ago, but havent recieved a reply yet. Please send a letter as well!

Unblocking Newgrounds in China

Posted by Kenzu - September 10th, 2007

I know it's a bit early for a new years flash, but I thought early is better than late!

And here it is:

Chinese New Year 2008 with a girl singing "Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni!"
(With Chinese and English subtitles)


Plot: The young girl walks and recieves plenty of gifts from different people, but she is such a kind girl that she shares it with others. She recieves a tanghulu from an old seller, a newspaper with good news from a newpaper seller, a bouquet of flowers from a young lady, two feathers from a rooster, a box of good luck from the people wishing good luck, a Chinese flag from a communist party member and a wooden mala from a buddhist monk.

Trivia: The parents are Chinese and Russian, and the items on the wooden furniture express the friendship of these two nations. It is possible to see two diplomats shaking hands under the flags of China and Russia.

Chinese New Year 2008 FLASH!

Posted by Kenzu - August 3rd, 2007

I have made a flash for Bitesize. Hopefully Tom will add it. For now you can view it at:

Varp - La Cucaracha

It is about Varp and Virk performing "La Cucaracha" in Mexico.


NEW FLASH - Varp - La Cucaracha

Posted by Kenzu - August 1st, 2007

Yesterday I decided on creating a bitesize to promote my flash at Newgrounds. There were two options:

Option 1:
"Monument", where Varp prevents kids to spray graffity at a monument of Stalin, so that he can blow it up with an RPG-7. Kaboom!

Option 2:
"La Cucaracha", where Varp and Virk perform "La Cucaracha" in Mexico so that they can donate the money they earn to orphans. Virk plays the cockroach and at the end he runs away with all the money to keep it for himself. Poor Varp, now he has nothing to donate to charity.

Bitesize Flash - Varp - La Cucaracha