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I speak fluently: Russian, Slovak, English, German, I also speak Czech, Chinese and French fairly well. You may contact me in any of these languages. I have some basics in Japanese+Spanish --- Help others and your life will be more cheerful and pleasant.

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Posted by Kenzu - May 17th, 2009

Aderan Wars is truly the best browser MMORPG of all!


This game cannot be compared to other games, a pity so little people know about it. It is free for everyone, so obviously the makers cannot afford massive commercial advertising like corporate made games.

Nevertheless this game has been perfectly coded and is AWESOME! That's also the reason why it's becomming such a huge success! Join now and become part of it!


PS: The picture shows a Daning soldier. Daning are known to be the brawest nation in Aderan galaxy. One of their principles is: "Cowards deserve to be dominated". Choose this nation and you will see that you will have it much easier assaulting your enemies and slaughtering their forces.

I recommend you to join now, create an alliance and tell your friends to join you. You will grow fast together and soon will become important players in the game. The game is easy to learn, but hard to master with almost unlimited possibilities (you can train units, progress in research, construct buildings, unite with other players in alliances, fight against your enemies, receive awards...)


Aderan Wars! Best game ever! Over 500 players!

Posted by Kenzu - May 1st, 2009


It's 1945, four years passed since the Great Fatherland War has begun. The Red Army has defeated all armies which have be sent against us! Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany can achieve nothing but defeat. Nothing can break the will of Soviet People! In 9 days, on the 9th May 1945, Europe will be liberated. Nazi Germany will surrender to the victorious Red Army.

The war against filthy fascism won't be over yet. The Japanese hordes are still fighting.

The Soviet Union defeated Japanese invadors at Khalkhyn Gol in 1939, however they didn't learn their lesson and continue to oppress people in Asia. The Chinese armies are defeating the ruthless fascists, who kill and rape without mercy. We will help our Chinese brothers and smash Japan in the Operation August Storm.

We shall liberate China, Korea and the Japanese people from the fascist dogs!

No one can stop the Red Army!


Comrades! The Soviet Union will crush Germany in 9 days!

Posted by Kenzu - April 9th, 2009

First of all let me tell you that I am European, have never been to USA and all I know about it is what I see in the TV and read on the internet. Please tell me if it is true, or if it's just American stereotype.

1) Most americans live not in appartments, but in houses, which usually have only 1 floor, they have some garage to park the car, and it is "owned" by the family living there, however they are heavily indebted to a bank to which they repay a mortgage, they don't have any savings, all of what they earn they spend to repay bills, loan, interest, products they bought AND they like using credit cards and end up paying high annual interest on things they bought. (They also like to place an American flag on their home.)

2) If they have a full time job, they work longer than 40 hours per week and have less than 25 days paid vacation. Their company can fire them without being forced to pay them a few months of wage.

3) The health insurance of most Americans doesn't cover anything serious, or they don't even have one, so if anything happens to them, they can simply die, or else it will cost them a fortune.

4) Studying at a university is VERY expensive for most Americans. Most Americans cannot even afford to study at a university without indebting themselves.

5) Americans think living in their country is better than in any other country.

6) Most Americans can speak only English fluently.

7) Most Americans in TV are quite slim, but many American tourists often weigh more than 100kg.

8) Even though 45% voted for Mc Cain in 2008 elections, 8/8 (100%) American exchange students I have personally met said that they support Obama and hate Mc Cain. Does it mean that leaving USA makes people more open minded and less conservative, or the most conservative Americans would never leave USA?

9) Most Americans aren't familiar with the metric system. Even if they are in Europe they will tell you(with a straight face) that at home it is 90 degrees in the summer (especially if they are tourists).

10) Americans don't like saving money and like to purchase goods and services at credit.

11) Most Americans CANNOT do simple MATH, which they need for everyday life. Example:

You and your spouse earn 3000$ after tax and you need to spend 1000$ per month for daily items (food clothes etc.)

You can rent a house at 1000$ per month, or instead buy a house for 300.000$. No matter if you buy or rent a house, you will have to pay another 200$ for upkeep, water and gas.

If you have already 100.000$ on your bank account and we assume that you receive 2% interest on all the money in the bank, but the bank can lend you 200.000$ at the interest of 7% to buy a house (and you will place a mortgage on the house)

a) Is it better to rent the house or buy the house? (Assume you pay the bank only at the end of each year.) Which one would you choose?

b) Assuming that interest rates won't change and you decided to buy the house, how many years will you have to repay your debt until you have paid all back including interest?

c) How many years will you have to pay back, if a financial crisis comes and the interest rates for your loan have risen to 10% one year after you have borrowed 200.000$ from the bank.

Type the answers and your age.
(You should be able to calculate this if you are at least 16 years old, maybe even earlier.)

Are these stereotypes correct, or it's all just bollocks?

Is it true that most Americans...

Posted by Kenzu - February 11th, 2009

www.AderanWars.com has already 286 players most of them log in every day! This game is the most balanced webbased MMORPG sofar!

We got a promotion flash movie:

(It's quite hard to make a flash for such a game, since it doesn't rely so much on graphics as it relies on strategy, battle plans, cooperation between alliance members and politics has a very strong weight there too).

Join now!

PS: The image you can see is the Hualu race, which draws advantages in income production, no deposit fees and in slightly cheaper technology upgrades.

ADERAN WARS! 286 players and counting!

Posted by Kenzu - January 23rd, 2009

Aderan Promotion Video
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gR0DTkf g9jc

Not even one month passed and Aderan Wars has 212 players already!

Have a go at it! It's better than all other webbased MMORPGs.

You can play the game at:


ADERANWARS promotion video!

Posted by Kenzu - January 1st, 2009


My brother worked on Aderanwars for months, with years of experience with Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Games, Aderanwars is to become the best MMORPG game with balanced and fair gameplay and many possibilities.

Join the best game ever!!!
Game starts on 01.01.2009 at 20:00 GMT time!


It will NEVER restart!
Today is the beginning!

(The pictures have all been drawn by me by the way)


ADERANWARS goes LIVE today!!!

Posted by Kenzu - November 20th, 2008

Have a look at Anna in my new flash, Anna remembers Lenin.
Anime and politics? Crazy idea, isn't it? Well I was crazy enough to make it happen!

I will experiment more with anime in the future. If I get positive reviews, I will make a HENTAI SIM DATE game by summer 2010. (With 5 girls, each from a different country, and each having a different taste on sex, ie. each ending will show a different sex style)

How do you like my first anime girl, Anna? (No, she doesn't wear a maid's dress. This is the standard soviet school uniform for girls. The only thing I changed are the socks, the original uniform has white socks which go below knees.)

Anna remembers Lenin


Sexy Anime girl - Anna

Posted by Kenzu - September 26th, 2008

It was a long time I was in China. From february till september.

Life in Shanghai was so awesome that I just couldn't find enough time to draw as many flash movies as before. Altogether I have completed only 2

"Lenin's Words" and "All weapons against Hitler".

It is the typical propaganda you would expect from me, but this time, it features my first Anime character. Anna, an 18 year old soviet schoolgirl and pioneer. This is her first time to be filmed and the public perceived her very positively, which means that she has been invited to play in further movies. She might be the new rising star in our team. Maybe she will be more popular than Varp and Virk one day. Who knows.

This is a parody on Hitler and the whole Nazi Germany. The song in this flash encourages Germans to rise up against the tyrants, and to turn all barrels at Hitler. I personally thought the Hitlerdog turned out really good!

Both flash movies will be submitted to NG very soon, but you can view them on Youtube already, since Youtube isn't blocked in China.

Lenin's words

All weapons against Hitler
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GadNYXF 0_4E

I have returned from China!

Posted by Kenzu - January 31st, 2008

Yes, yes...
It's true!

I am leaving EU for half a year to study in China. However the problem is that Newgrounds is blocked there, which means that maybe I won't be able to access Newgrounds during that time.

I tried to use proxies, but even with proxies I couldn't log in onto my account, which means that I might not even be able to submit my newest movies, however I planned to submit at least 3 during the next 6 months:

Chinese Love Story - about a guy falling in love with a beatiful girl in China

European Dream - The life of a girl from birth to old age in the perfect welfare state. She, her husband and their children live the European dream together. A life in a truly democratic and socialist country, because the people stand in the centre of each society.

Soviet Tankmen - about a soviet tankmen crew, which fought bravely against fascist invaders. This movie will show how they fought and how they died.

Tomorrow I will be in CHINA

Posted by Kenzu - January 10th, 2008

Although I will fly to China in February to continue my studies for a semester there, I plan to draw a new flash by the name "Chinese Love Story" and submit it for Valentines Day, just like I submitted "Korean Love Story" for the last years Valentine. This time I wont use cats though, but real people. It will be hard, because I will try to draw as attractive people as possible, using experience from "Chinese New Year 2008" and improving the style!

The song will be "Zai Na Yao Yuan De Di Fang" (In A Far Away Land) by Wang Luo Bin

I will draw it in China, so I am still not sure how I will submit the movie from there, since Newgrounds is blocked in China. I will have it emailed to my brother who will submit it from Europe if nothing else works. Censorship sucks!

Nevertheless Chinese Love Story will be a well animated movie with pleasant music fully dedicated to love! An aesthetic piece of art! You will love it!


Chinese Love Story